About us

Aligned Building & Construction is an innovative construction company driven by Lee Houlahan and Ewan Moody. Both partners have extensive backgrounds in high-end building and boast a 10+ year working relationship in the industry. This background and experience has led the boys to form the ultimate building partnership, putting Aligned Building & Construction at the forefront of bespoke housing projects in South East Queensland. With their strong attention to detail and their passion for building, Lee and Ewan ensure each client is informed and involved throughout the project and is ultimately happy with the build.

About Lee

Lee’s journey through construction started in one-off, architectural homes. As Lee was involved in the entire home-building process, he gained valuable skills which he went on to use in commercial construction, as both a supervisor and estimator with a leading construction firm. With over 10 years’ experience running his own business, Lee knows what it takes to deliver your project on time.

About Ewan

Ewan’s knowledge of building is second to none. For over a decade, he worked for one of Brisbane’s leading residential builders exclusively on riverfront and inner-city developments. Attention to detail and style are two of Ewan’s main attributes and he brings a level of sophistication to the building industry that is hard to find among his peers. His patient, methodical approach will ensure your building experience will surpass your expectations.